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Partnering with Citinova
Citinova develops forward-thinking solutions that deliver long-term results for stakeholders and the community. Citinova takes a holistic approach to property development, leading the way in design and implementing ownership strategies that optimise return.
Having developed, managed and owned a distinguished portfolio of hotel and leisure, residential, commercial and industrial properties, Citinova understands that success is about more than just the bottom line. Every project is based on collaboration with experts at the forefront of the industry and backed by a community of likeminded professionals.
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Citinova - A Unique Proposition

Citinova’s partners place a high level of trust in our ability to assess project feasibility, set up complex joint ventures and manage and consistently grow their portfolios.

Full Disclosure

We pride ourselves on a transparent approach which includes regular reporting on investments and easy access to all documentation. Investors can login to our investor portal to access updated reports on their projects, including project expenses, forecasts and much more.

Financial Partners

Citinova works with leading financial institutions and major banks including ANZ, NAB, Westpac, CBA, Suncorp and Bendigo Bank to optimise the development process and minimise financial risk at each stage.

Client Partnerships

Citinova reimagines our cities by creating developments to serve the communities.

Our post development services allow us to carry out the vision from core mission at the beginning of the developments. By strategically partnering with retailers, we provide communities a better way to live, work and play.

We works with leading retail brands including IHG Group, Hilton, Bunnings, BP, Caltex, Kia, Ford and many more.

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