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West Pines – A Visionary Development at the Heart of Melton

25th June, 2024

As Melton rapidly emerges as one of Melbourne’s fastest-growing residential areas, a transformative project is poised to redefine the region’s commercial and retail landscape. West Pines, strategically positioned at the gateway of Melton at the intersection of High Street, the Western Freeway, and Melton Highway, stands as a beacon of economic growth and community development.

West Pines elevates Melton’s retail and commercial offerings with an impressive roster of major retailers, including Bunnings, Officeworks, Supercheap Auto, and BCF, among others. Spearheaded by the innovative minds at Citinova and the Pelligra Group, this project promises to bring a dynamic array of services and amenities to the area, marking a significant milestone in Melton City’s development.

The vision for West Pines extends far beyond traditional retail spaces. Citinova and the Pelligra Group have conceived a multifaceted commercial hub designed to serve current residents and accommodate future generations, as the City of Melton’s population is set to double by 2051.

This 38-hectare site, designated as a long-term project spanning 10-20 years, underscores the consortium’s commitment to Melton’s growth. As long-term investors, they view West Pines as a generational legacy, aiming to provide sustained economic benefits and community enhancements.

Central to this expansive development is The Lifestyle Centre, a Large Format Retail precinct that caters to diverse shopping needs. Complementing this retail hub will be various fast-food operations, warehouse facilities, a childcare centre, and an industrial mix, all designed to foster economic opportunities and broaden business amenities for Melton’s burgeoning population.

At the recent grand opening of The Lifestyle Centre, Sam Polimeni, Director of Citinova, articulates the project’s broader vision, stating, “We’re building an Industrial Business Park at the back, so budding entrepreneurs and businesses in the area can expand, creating more employment for the community.” This sentiment reflects the project’s goal of enhancing retail offerings while driving local employment and business growth.

Sam further emphasises the consortium’s commitment to Melton, saying, “We just want to be a part of what we believe Melton can become – a thriving business community.” This aspiration is central to the ethos of West Pines, as it seeks to contribute to a vibrant and prosperous community.

Sam Polimeni, Director of Citinova

The consortium’s dedication to Melton is further solidified with the announcement of their next major project in the area. Junction 65, an 8.5-hectare site adjoining West Pines on south of High Street, will host additional large format retailers, forming a large homemaker precinct. The project, poised to attract even more high-profile brands into the area, is now leasing. For more information, visit